These are some of the projects that I have been working on in my own time.

 I like to paint abstract and contemporary work usually of nothing in particular just whatever I feel like. The website is just a simple portfolio site to showcase some of my paintings.

Michael Witty

 I Studied Product Design Engineering before changing career direction to become a web developer. This is simply a small portfolio site of some of the work I did whilst studying.


I love electronic music and experimenting with sound using software such as Ableton Live. Bitmigo is one of my side projects that I pursue as a hobby where I play around with sound. This small site has some samples and links to listen to my work.


Research focused on new ways to represent market data using at the time newer standards XForms, SVG and screen scraping methods.

Stock Market Data Visualization

I started this project after returning from holiday and realising how unprepared I was and how many useful things I had forgotten.

Holiday Checklist

 A simple portfolio site for my sister who is a freelance photographer, with a private members area for clients to login and view photos. Responsive and designed for high resolution images.

Emma Witty Photography

 I have been working on game development as a means to combine my interests in music, art, design and programming. I work mostly in Unity to allow fast cross platform development.

Fussy Clone

A quick blog I set up for my thoughts and other nonsense. Mainly used to keep recipes I like in one place.

52 weeks of...

It is a site about toast, best not to think too much about why.

Just Toast