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.NET Core May 2019 Updates – 1.0.16, 1.1.14, 2.1.11 and 2.2.5MSDN DotNet Feed

Today, we are releasing the .NET Core May 2019 Update. These updates contain security and reliability fixes. See the individual release notes for details on updated packages.
NOTE: If you are a Visual Studio user, there are MSBuild version requirements so use only the .NET Core SDK supported for each Visual Studio version.

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.NET Framework May 2019 Security and Quality RollupMSDN DotNet Feed

Today, we are releasing the May 2019 Cumulative Update, Security and Quality Rollup, and Security Only Update.
CVE-2019-0820 – Denial of Service Vulnerability
A denial of service vulnerability exists when .NET Framework and .NET Core improperly process RegEx strings. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could cause a denial of service against a .NET application.

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.NET Core is the Future of .NET MSDN DotNet Feed

We introduced .NET Core 1.0 on November 2014. The goal with .NET Core was to take the learning from our experience building, shipping and servicing .NET Framework over the previous 12 years and build a better product. Some examples of these improvements are side-by-side installations (you can install a new version and not worry about breaking existing apps),

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Announcing ML.NET 1.0MSDN DotNet Feed

We are excited to announce the release of ML.NET 1.0 today.  ML.NET is a free, cross-platform and open source machine learning framework designed to bring the power of machine learning (ML) into .NET applications. Star
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ML.NET allows you to train,

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