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Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 11MSDN DotNet Feed

Today we are pleased to share .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Preview 11. In this release we have added the first batch of Fluent UI control styling, multi-window implementations, control features, and another set of iOS type alignment. These ongoing .NET MAUI previews run on the latest preview of .NET 6 and are available with the new Visual Studio 2022 17.1 Preview 2 on Windows shipping today.

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What’s new for gRPC in .NET 6MSDN DotNet Feed

gRPC is a modern, cross-platform, high-performance RPC framework. gRPC for .NET is built on top of ASP.NET Core and is our recommended way to build RPC services using .NET.
.NET 6 further improves gRPC’s already great performance and adds a new range of features that make gRPC better than ever in modern cloud-native apps.

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