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Show dotnet: Build your own unit test platform? The true story of .NET nanoFramework.MSDN DotNet Feed

Hi! I’m Laurent Ellerbach. I’m a Principal Software Engineer Manager at Microsoft working for the Commercial Software Engineering team. My team and I are doing co-engineering with our largest customers helping them in their digital transformation and focussing on Azure. I’m more focussing on Manufacturing industry and I’ve been involved in IoT for a very long time.

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Announcing Open Source C# standardizationMSDN DotNet Feed

The C# compilers have been open source since 2014, now in the dotnet/roslyn repository. The dotnet/csharplang split off to provide a dedicate public space for the innovation and evolution of the C# language. Now, dotnet/csharpstandard completes the group, providing a public space for the ongoing work to document the standard for the latest C# language versions.

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Loop alignment in .NET 6MSDN DotNet Feed

When writing a software, developers try their best to maximize the performance they can get from the code they have baked into the product. Often, there are various tools available to the developers to find that last change they can squeeze into their code to make their software run faster.

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