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ML.NET June UpdatesMSDN DotNet Feed

ML.NET is an open-source, cross-platform machine learning framework for .NET developers that enables integration of custom machine learning into .NET apps.
We are excited to announce new versions of ML.NET and Model Builder which bring a ton of awesome updates!
In this post,

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Announcing .NET 6 Preview 5MSDN DotNet Feed

We are thrilled to release .NET 6 Preview 5. We’re now in the second-half of the .NET 6 release, and starting to see significant features coming together. A great example is .NET SDK Workloads, which is the foundation of our .NET unification vision and enables supporting more application types.

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Conversation about networkingMSDN DotNet Feed

Pretty much every app is network-connected and depends on fast and reliable networking to provide its intended experience. This includes both client- and server-side networking, and even both within the same app. There is also a lot of new development and diversity of requirements across networking protocols and systems.

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Migration of Bing’s Workflow Engine to .NET 5MSDN DotNet Feed

Bing runs one of the world’s largest, most complex, highly performant, and reliable .NET applications. This post discusses the journey and the work required to upgrade to .NET 5, including the significant performance gains we achieved.
This application sits in the middle of the Bing architecture stack and is responsible for much of the coordination among thousands of other components that provide results for all queries.

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