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Help us improve WPF and UWP XAML designerMSDN DotNet Feed

We would like to make your experience developing WPF and UWP applications in Visual Studio better!
Currently we are investigating ways of improving the XAML Designer and making you more productive while developing UI for your apps. You can already check out our preview version of the new feature called Suggested Actions that enables easy access to common properties when a control is selected.

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Continuous integration workflow template for .NET Core desktop apps with GitHub ActionsMSDN DotNet Feed

We know how time consuming it can be to quickly set up continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows (CI/CD) for your WPF and Windows Forms desktop applications.
That’s why, in cooperation with the GitHub Actions team, we have released a starter workflow in GitHub to help you quickly set up and showcase DevOps for your applications using the recently released GitHub Actions.

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Introducing YARP Preview 1MSDN DotNet Feed

Introducing YARP Preview 1
YARP is a project to create a reverse proxy server. It started when we noticed a pattern of questions from internal teams at Microsoft who were either building a reverse proxy for their service or had been asking about APIs and technology for building one,

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Welcome to C# 9.0MSDN DotNet Feed

C# 9.0 is taking shape, and I’d like to share our thinking on some of the major features we’re adding to this next version of the language.
With every new version of C# we strive for greater clarity and simplicity in common coding scenarios,

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F# 5 and F# tools updateMSDN DotNet Feed

We’re excited to announce some updates to F# 5 today! We shipped a lot of preview features since F# 5 preview 1, and they have all been stabilizing since that release. Today, we’re happy to announce some minor additions to F# 5 and talk about some pretty cool performance work we’ve been doing.

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ML.NET Model Builder is now a part of Visual StudioMSDN DotNet Feed

ML.NET is a cross-platform, machine learning framework for .NET developers. Model Builder is the UI tooling in Visual Studio that uses Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to train and consume custom ML.NET models in your .NET apps. You can use ML.NET and Model Builder to create custom machine learning models without having prior machine learning experience and without leaving the .NET ecosystem.

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