Stock Market Data Visualization

After finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Product Design Engineering I studied at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where I received a Master of Science in Computer and internet Technologies. The course was an introduction to Java programming, Object Oriented design principles, web development and enterprise architecture.

For my dissertation I researched techniques for stock market data visualization as a means to aid investors. The research focused on new ways to represent market data using at the time newer standards likeĀ XForms, SVG and screen scraping methods.

XForms is a w3 standard that essentially allows the manipulation of XML data by a browser generated form all on the client side. The standard did not however take off and few browsers are actively supporting the XForms standard now.

I have re-implemented a few of the visualizations below using AngularJs to generate SVG, all prices are delayed by 20 minutes and data is taken from Google finance.

Visualization 1

Represents each stock as a box with a slope to represent the rate at which the stock price is changing, the boxes are coloured based on whether the stock is rising or falling.

Visualization 2

Represents each stock as a hoop the thickness and colour again determined by the rate at which the stock is rising or falling.

Visualization 3

Again using the same box and slope setup as the first example but the slope moves vertically within the box based on how close the current price is to the 52 week high or low.

You can read the fullĀ dissertation if you are interested.